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Hall & Prior Aged Care Group

Started in 1992 by Michael Hall and Graeme Prior, the Hall & Prior Health and Aged Care Group has grown from a single family-owned nursing home to a leading Australian aged care provider. For over 20 years, Hall & Prior has been driven by a commitment to ensuring that quality aged care is accessible for everyone, no matter what their background and circumstances might be.

We believe that our commitment and dedication to providing high quality aged care makes a real difference to the lives of our residents and their families. Our homes provide safety and comfort, offering choices in accommodation and health services that are important to our residents.

Our philosophy is that our clients and residents are entitled to the highest standards of professional care, privacy and dignity. Our homes embody these qualities in a comfortable, modern environment. Each individual we care for is treated with respect and given the opportunity to participate in decision-making on issues that affect them.

Our people are our greatest asset. Our success is based on a clear understanding of and belief in what we do, supported by sound financial planning. The organisation's prosperity guarantees long term, and ever increasing benefits to our customers, our employees and the communities that we serve.


A Home Full of Heritage

A Home Full of Heritage

Caroline Chisholm Aged Care Home is located on the corner of Burns Bay Road and Cope Street in the...

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Hall & Prior Head to the Barossa Valley with Maggie Beer

Hall & Prior Head to the Barossa...

On Wednesday, August 23, Maggie hosted an additional program ‘Food for Thought Workshop’ for...

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Hall & Prior wins three 2017 Better Practice Awards

Hall & Prior wins three 2017 Better...

Hall & Prior have been awarded three 2017 Commonwealth Better Practice Awards from the Australian...

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