Hall & Prior raise $25,000 for a great cause

Hall & Prior fundraiser 

Hall & Prior staff, including Executive Director Michael Hall and Chief Executive Officer Graeme Prior with Vanessa Molloy (centre) at the final fundraiser event.

Earlier in 2016, Hall & Prior launched an endeavour to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of one very special Perth family, and to help to ease some of the burden they will face in the years ahead. Through an incredible effort from staff throughout our homes and a generous contribution from Hall & Prior’s Directors, we raised $25,000.

Vanessa and Scott Molloy have three children, twins Olivia and Joshua, aged 12, and Tom, who is eight. In 2008, both Joshua and Tom were diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a muscle disease that mainly affects young boys.

Children with Duchenne gradually have more trouble being physically active and most children lose the ability to walk around the age of 12. During their teen years, boys with Duchenne also develop heart and respiratory conditions, and previously were not expected to live past their late 20s. However, with recent improvements in care, it is not uncommon for men with the condition to live into their 30s and 40s.

Joshua is no longer able to walk and toilet himself, and his condition will continue to progress. Tom will likely be in the same situation in a few years.

Due to their current car being unable to fit Joshua’s special electronic wheelchair, there are difficulties when the family all want to go out together. Currently Joshua uses a manual wheelchair for family outings but loses the independence he has with his electronic wheelchair.

The Molloy family were recently given funds with which they have purchased a large van, thanks to a fundraising effort organised by families at the children’s school. However, the van still needs more than $20,000 worth of modifications to fit not only the large wheelchair Joshua has now, but the second wheelchair that Tom will need in a few years’ time.

 The Molloy family’s children; Tom, Joshua and Olivia.

The Molloy family’s children; Tom, Joshua and Olivia.

Hall & Prior’s Directors Chief Executive Officer Graeme Prior and Executive Director Michael Hall pledged to match every dollar donated in the homes. Beginning in January 2016, staff, family members and residents all took part in an incredible effort to fundraise for this cause.

Tuohy staff held a cook-off competition event, called the Tuohy Masterchef International in May. There were more than 100 guests and staff prepared a range of dishes representing their home nation, and guests enjoyed a buffet-style meal before voting for the best dish. The event also featured live music and dance performances.



Touhy held a Masterchef-themed cook-off night.

There was a large raffle featuring a large number of prizes, thanks to donations from several businesses in the Midland area. Scott, Vanessa, Joshua, Tom attended the event, and said they thoroughly enjoyed the wide range of dishes as well as the entertainment.

There were chocolates galore as our WA homes, head office and our linen and catering division Fresh Fields Hospitality Services took part in a chocolate drive using Cadbury fundraiser chocolates. Almost 100 boxes were sold. The staff in the homes also pulled out all the stops and put on a huge range of events, like themed dress-up days, bake sales, and group meals.


Concorde administration officer Siobhan O’Dea (pictured right).

Concorde’s administration officer Siobhan O’Dea gathered pledges for the HBF Run for a Reason, raising an incredible $1000 for the Molloy family.

The final event for the fundraiser was a movie night at Hoyts Garden City in June. Staff and their families enjoyed a screening of X-Men: Apocalypse, where Graeme Prior and Michael Hall presented Vanessa Molloy with a cheque for $25,000.

“This is such an incredible thing and I can’t thank you all enough,” Vanessa said. “This is going to make such a big difference in our lives at a really crucial time. It’s not easy to accept help but Scott and I have realised we can’t do everything alone.”

“Your fundraising efforts have taught our children that in a world that can be cruel, there are kind and generous people who care for them.”

At the event, Graeme Prior thanked everyone who contributed to the fundraiser. “There is nothing more important than family. What the Molloy family are facing is almost unimaginable, so we are glad to be able to help,” he said.



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