Lorna Tostevin – 103 Years Young



Lorna Hazel Tostevin, 103 years young resident at Vaucluse Aged Care Home in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs was born in Gladstone, South Australia on 24 November 1914. Lorna was the third youngest of her eight siblings; four sisters and three brothers.

Lorna had a fulfilling life, she got married to Darby Tostevin and gave birth to her only child, a daughter, Denise McCarron. Denise was a dental nurse and volunteer with the Australia Red Cross at Julia Farr Hospital in Adelaide for six years before moving to Sydney in 1976 where she got married.

Two years later, in 1978 Lorna’s husband Darby passed away. Lorna packed up and moved to Sydney to live with her daughter and grandchildren, James and Marina.

One of Lorna’s passions is travelling which she did extensively including an overland trek from London to Kathmandu, many cruises, white water rafting and an unforgettable hot air balloon ride on her 80th birthday with her daughter.

“Lorna always has a smile on her face and has been a marvelous role model with a positive and happy outlook keeping traditional polite standards in life,” said Denise. “One of the reasons she has been extremely happy at Vaucluse Aged Care Home with the genuine warm and loving staff and nurses that surround her daily for nine years.”

Lorna’s infectious attitude has everyone in her company smiling, happy and inspired. Although she is unable to communicate now she is still very much interested and aware of her surroundings and has a great sense of humour. Every morning after Lorna has a shower the nurses at Vaucluse Aged Care Home help her to put some makeup on. “She loves to have make up on every day,” said Assistant in Nursing Rosa Mavoli. “When we help her put lipstick on Lorna sometimes puts it all around her face and when she sees herself in the mirror she laughs.”

Always being the active person she once was Lorna is now unable to walk and has found new interests which keep her entertained. She loves sitting in the lounge room watching TVand joining in on some of the home’s activities. Denise visits her mother every week bringing her flowers and magazines. Lorna loves spending time looking through the magazines that her daughter brings her and reminiscing of her joyful life when looking through all her photos.

Anyone who meets Lorna and sees her smiling face can see that at 103 years young she is still very much enjoying life!



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