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Exercise Right Week is a national campaign to help inspire people to get moving and live a more active and healthy lifestyle. The theme for this year’s Exercise Right Week is ‘Motivation to Move’ held from May 21-27.

The aim is to not only showcase the importance of seeking the right exercise expert but to also promote and raise awareness of Accredited Exercise Physiologists as well as Accredited Exercise and Sports Scientists.

Hall & Prior has a team of four Exercise Physiologists and Scientists in New South Wales which make up our larger allied health group.


Laura Majewski – Exercise and Mobility Coordinator

Our Exercise & Mobility Coordinator Laura Majewski is passionate about helping people and has been helping our residents since starting in 2014 by enhancing their movement and wellbeing not just from a physical capacity but social as well.

Her role involves assessing resident’s mobility and movement capacities dependent on their needs as well as creating care plans most suited to the individual, conducting ongoing education for the staff regarding manual handling and falls prevention as well as building strong relationship with residents and their families and providing support for family members to help optimise the care of their loved one and to better understand the condition of their relative. The noticeable benefits are that residents and their families can see the progress of ongoing exercise and how it can promote wellbeing and give a sense of purpose not only to the residents but also to Laura who describes the role as being incredibly rewarding.

“It’s more than just being able to walk, it’s about living a comfortable, pain free life,” said Laura. “I love working with the elderly as the response from them is incredible. Their faces light up when exercise class start or they can see themselves improving their mobility.”

Laura was recently awarded a Better Practice Award for her ‘Resisting Age Related Muscle Decline’ program that she rolled out in five of our New South Wales homes. This initiative was in response to the recognition that rehabilitating muscles in the elderly could give better quality of life and enjoyment to aged care residents.

“This is such a huge honour to be recognised by the Governments, Australian Aged Care & Quality Agency for a Better Practice Award,” said Laura. “Working alongside professionals that want to better the health and wellbeing of the elderly community inspires me,” Laura said.


Emily Cordas – Exercise Physiologist

As an Accredited Physiologist Emily Cordas primary focus is to use exercise to prevent, manage and treat complex medical conditions of our residents. She is equipped with the knowledge and skills to clinically deliver and evaluate safe and effective exercise and movement for residents with chronic diseases, injuries and disabilities.

Emily not only assesses the resident’s mobility and ensures that correct measures are taken for transfers, but also increases the level of physical activity amongst the residents either through group exercise classes or one-on-one sessions.

An increase in physical activity and the implementation of exercise programs amongst the elderly produces a wide range of physical, mental and psychosocial benefits. This increase in exercise can prevent or aid the management of chronic health conditions.

“In my short time here at the Vaucluse facility I have witnessed vast improvements in some of the residents’ cases which gives me a great sense of pride and continues to encourage me to make these positive contributions towards society which I feel is very important,” said Emily. “I look forward to continuing to make positive changes in the lives of the residents.”

Emily’s desire to help the elderly improve their health and quality of life has proven her to be an integral member of the Hall & Prior team. Her skills are well received by our residents who can see improvements in their mobility and clinical status.


Jordan Lee and Suzanne Howard– Physiotherapists

Aged Care requires attention and support of the highest standard due to the vulnerability of residents. We have two Physiotherapists within NSW, Jordan Lee and Suzanne Howard. Through a holistic approach their role aims to keep our residents actively mobile, increase quality of life and independence as well as to provide a safe and enjoyable environment.

They assist in the development and planning of activities that enhance movement and health, ensuring Physiotherapy assessments keep all staff and residents’ safe, staff training and policy and for reviews to ensure they are using the most current information.

“Through these processes I hope to make a difference to the lives of those who are cared for by Hall and Prior, and those who work with us,” said Jordan.


Please visit for more information, articles, and evidence based research and how to get involved.

Exercise Right also offers a free pre-screening quiz. This online tool helps individual’s asses their exercise needs and the type of exercise professional to consult.

To take the quiz please visit

Let’s get moving!


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