Royal Commission Releases Interim Report

Royal Commission Releases Interim Report

A message from our CEO Graeme Prior

Last week the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety released its interim report - titled ‘Neglect’.

During the past few days I have taken some time to reflect on the Commissioners’ findings from hearings conducted to date. Much of it unfortunately is not pleasant reading.

The last 10 months has unfortunately shown that there are many providers working in the industry who have not had the best intentions or welfare of their consumers at heart. The Commissioners have noted that the level and extent of sub-standard care is very widespread and extensive.

Many terrible stories about aged care have come to light and it has been a difficult time for the industry as regulations and standards have changed rapidly to support the Commission’s findings.
At Hall & Prior we have always welcomed the Royal Commission as we believe that it will lead to long-term sustainable improvements for the aged care sector.
As suspected the interim report has focused on some key areas of health and care in the industry and will recommend a substantial overhaul for the sector.

The Commissioners singled out wound management, continence management, use of chemical restraint, dementia care and palliative care as particular areas of concern. I am confident of the care we provide in these areas, but with this in mind over the coming days, weeks and months our management teams at Hall & Prior will continue to reflect on the words of the Commissioners and constantly strive towards best practice.

They also looked carefully at food, nutrition and hydration; I am proud that Hall & Prior have had a long standing commitment to provide consumers with high quality, tasty and nutritious food in each of our 25 homes and recent food surveys have shown that the absolute majority of our consumers enjoy the choice, quality and taste of our food. 

Crucially the Royal Commission and interim report has also looked at staffing levels in aged care and has made recommendations on how workforce issues should be addressed in the future.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal and dedicated staff for their hard work and dedication and for their continued love, mercy and care to both our residents and their families.
If you would like any further information regarding the Royal Commission, please email


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